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Reference Guide

Create Cell Library dialog box

Used to create a cell library and attach it to the active design file. Opens when File > New is chosen in the Cell Library dialog box.


Sets the name of the new cell library.

You must follow the file naming conventions for your system.

To bypass the Directories list box, you can key in a complete path specification for a file in the Files field.

Files (list box)

Lists the names of existing files in the selected Directory that are allowed by the Filter.


Identifies the directory in which the new cell library is created— by default the directory pointed to by the MS_CELL configuration variable. You can select a different directory in the Directories list box.

Directories (list box)

List directories for selection. The Directories field identifies the selected directory.

List Files of Type

Sets the type of file, which determines the files that are listed in the Files list box. The default “*.cel,” is the normal extension used for a cell library.


Sets the drive where the directory is stored.


Creates and attaches a new cell library.

If the cell library name is the same as the name of an existing file, an alert box asks if you want to overwrite the existing file.

If another cell library is already attached, it is detached before the new cell library is attached.


Closes the dialog box without creating a cell library.


Displays help on common file selection controls (brief definitions of the fields) in the Create Cell Library dialog box.