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Visualization Guide
Visualization Guide

Environment Maps dialog box

Used to map image files to faces of the imaginary environment cube that surrounds the model.

Unlike background images, environment map images are not seen directly in the model. When a view is ray traced, however, these images are seen in reflections or through transparent surfaces, where the background color of the screen normally would be seen.

If no environment maps have been set previously, then only the Front maps Browse For File icon is enabled, which lets you select an initial file for all environment maps. Once an image file has been chosen for all the environment maps, the Browse For File icons for all faces are enabled. These let you the change or remove images for the various faces of the environment cube.

The dialog box controls for selecting the image file are similar to those in the Open dialog box. In addition to the standard controls, there is a Preview button and box that are used to preview the image file that is selected in the Files list box.


Displays the name of the image files used for the respective faces of the environment cube.

Browse For File icons

Adjacent to each face image file field is the Browse For File icon. Clicking on the icon opens the Select Environment Map for the respective faces of the environment cube.


Accepts the selected image files and closes the dialog box.


Closes the dialog box without making any changes.

Clear All

Clears the environment maps from all faces of the environment cube.