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Attach Cell Library dialog box

Used to attach an existing cell library to the active DGN file. Opens when File > Attach is chosen in the Cell Library dialog box.


Shows the name of the file that is selected in the Files list box; or you can key in a filename.

To bypass the Directories list box, you can key in a complete path specification for a file in the Files field.

Files (list box)

Lists the names of the files in the current directory that are allowed by the filter. Double-clicking a cell library name attaches the cell library.


Identifies the directory whose files are listed in the Files list box, which is the directory pointed to by the MS_CELL configuration variable. The Directories list box is used to select a different directory.

Directories (list box)

Lists directories for selection. The Directories field identifies the selected directory.

List Files of Type

Sets the type of file, which determines the files that are listed in the Files list box. The default “*.cel,” is the normal extension used for a cell library; “*.dgn” is also an available filter.


Sets the drive where the directory is stored.


Attaches the selected cell library.

When a cell library is attached, it is attached with read-only access. When a modification such as adding, deleting or modifying a library is attempted, the library will have write access at that time.

If a cell library is already attached, it is detached before the selected cell library is attached.

When a cell library is attached, only the filename and a custom configuration variable (if one is used to indirectly specify the directory) are stored in the attachment information. When the DGN file to which the cell library is attached is reopened, the following are searched to locate the cell library:

  1. The attachment information.

  2. The directory pointed to by the MS_CELL configuration variable.

  3. The active DGN file's directory.

The file and cell library can be transferred to another system on which MicroStation runs, even on a different hardware platform, or accessed over a network. MicroStation locates the cell library whenever the DGN file is opened as long as MS_CELL or a custom configuration variable is defined and the cell library is in a directory pointed to by the configuration variable.

If you define a custom configuration variable, do not use the Attach Cell Library dialog box to attach the cell library. Instead, key in ATTACH LIBRARY <<cell_library> (or the alternate RC=) with the cell library specification in the form <configuration_variable>:<filename>. (For information about setting configuration variables, see Working With Configuration Variables.)


Closes the dialog box without attaching a cell library.


Opens the Help window and displays the help article for the Attach Cell Library dialog box.