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User Guide

Place Active Cell

Use it!

Used to place the Active Cell.

The Active Level is set in the Attributes tool box.

Tool SettingEffect
Active Cell

Can be keyed-in here or set in the Cell Library dialog box (Element menu > Cells).

Browse Cells

Opens the Cell Library dialog box to let you select an active cell.

Active Angle

Sets the angle by which the cell is rotated, if Interactive is off.

X Scale

Horizontal scale factor (along x-axis)
see footnote 41

Y Scale

Vertical scale factor (along y-axis)
see footnote 42

Z Scale

Depth scale factor (along z-axis)
see footnote 43

True Scale

If on, cells that were created in a model with different units from those of the active model are scaled to adjust them to the units of the active model.


If the active cell is a graphic cell
see footnote 44 and Relative is:

  • On
  • — lowest level in cell is placed on the Active Level, and higher levels in cell are placed relative to the Active Level.
    see footnote 45
  • Off
  • — cell is placed on same level(s) as in cell library (the level(s) that components were on when the cell was created).

If on, the scale and rotation angle are defined graphically by data points.


If on, 3D cells can be flattened, or projected, on to one of the standard view projections — Top, Front, Right, Isometric, Bottom, Back, Left, Right Isometric — which is selected from the option menu. Lets you place a view of a 3D cell into a 2D model.


If on, lets you associate cells to elements in the model.

To place the Active Cell
  1. Select the Place Active Cell tool.

  2. Enter a data point to position the cell origin.
    If Interactive is off, the cell is placed.

  3. If Interactive is on, enter two more data points to define the scale and the rotation angle.

  4. Reset to finish.
    Return to step 2 to place another instance of the cell.

    Place Active Cell. Left: At Active Angle and scale (Interactive off). Right: Defining rotation and scale with data points (Interactive on).





The ACTIVE CELL (AC=) and ACTIVE RCELL (AR=) key-ins can be used to set a cell (a shared cell or a cell in the attached cell library) as the active cell and place it in the DGN file.


Like Place Active Cell with

AC= <cell_name>
see footnote 46

Relative Off

AR= <cell_name>
see footnote 47

Relative On

For example, to set CELL1 as the active cell and place it with its lowest level on the Active Level, key in AR=CELL1.