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Select and Place Cell

Use it!

Used to identify a cell in the DGN file and place an additional instance(s) of that cell.

The Active Level is set in the Attributes tool box.

Tool SettingEffect
Active Angle

Sets the angle by which the cell is rotated.

X Scale

Sets horizontal scale factor (along x-axis).
see footnote 48

Y Scale

Sets vertical scale factor (along y-axis).
see footnote 49

Z Scale

In 3D, sets scale factor along z-axis.
see footnote 50


If Active Cell is a graphic cell and Relative is:
see footnote 51

  • On
  • — the lowest level in the cell is placed on the Active Level, and higher levels in the cell are placed relative to the Active Level.
    see footnote 52
  • Off
  • — the cell is placed on the same level(s) as in the cell library (the level(s) that the components were on when the cell was created).
To select and place a cell
  1. Select the Select and Place Cell tool.

  2. Identify the cell.
    If the cell is shared and Use Shared Cells is on, it becomes the Active Cell.
    If the cell is unshared, the cell library in which that cell is stored must be attached or in the cell library list.

  3. Enter a data point to place an instance of the cell.

  4. Reset to finish.
    Return to step 3 to place another instance of the cell.