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Using Cells

A cell is a small drawing — usually of a frequently-used or complex symbol, notation, or detail — created in MicroStation. Cells are stored in a DGN file called a cell library, which can contain many cells. Cell Libraries are exactly like DGN files. Any DGN file can be attached as a cell library and any cell library can be opened as a DGN file.

Sample architectural cells


Sample cells for civil engineering


Some sample cells for mapping


Some sample cells for mechanical engineering


Cells are used for these reasons:

You can create your own cell libraries.

Each cell has a cell origin, defined when the cell is created, that can be thought of as the cell's “handle.” When you enter a data point to place the cell, the origin is placed at that point.

Working with Cell Libraries
Creating and Editing Cells
Placing Cells
Cells tool box
Place Active Cell
Place Active Cell Matrix
Select and Place Cell
Define Cell Origin
Identify Cell
Place Active Line Terminator
Replace Cells
Hatching and Patterning
Patterns tool box
Hatch Area
Crosshatch Area
Pattern Area
Linear Pattern
Show Pattern Attributes
Match Pattern Attributes
Change Pattern
Delete Pattern
Dimension-driven Cells